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 I'm currently a Junior at Purdue University - West Lafayette, working towards a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering . I ended freshman and sophomore year each with a 4.0 GPA. Being able to dive into the molecular reasoning behind each natural phenomenon in our world and put that information to powerful use throughout industry has been my passion. Purdue Davidson School of Chemical Engineering has been instrumental in allowing me to explore this fascinating field.

 In addition to my major in chemical engineering, I am also pursuing a Minor in Computer Science. I've always had a strong skill in writing computer coding and understanding the most difficult concepts associated with them. I've had exposure to many coding languages but I find java and javascript to be my favorites and thus most of my extracurricular projects have been in these languages.


 In the summer before my junior year of university, I was hired on as a Process Engineering Intern for the epoxy resin injection molding department at G&W Electric. G&W makes large scale electrical reclosers for power lines, helping keep our cities consistently powered and protecting the lives of electrical workers. My work on the process engineering team consisted of running a series of trials on both the epoxy injection molding processes and the silicone rubber overmolding processes that ranged from ensuring the quality of silicone-ceramic adhesion to optimizing the time required for post-cure of the epoxy. Additionally I had the chance to examine large data sets to identify sources to critical issues throughout the manufacturing process. This internship gave me ample experience in designing experiments, organized problem solving, and data analysis.

 Between my freshman and sophomore year at Purdue, I was got the opportunity to work for the city of Milwaukee through the international sewage management company Veolia as an Engineering Intern. This internship allowed me to see behind the scenes of the utilites we typically take for granted and gain valuable leadership experience as I assisted in the management of several large teams of electricians, mechanics, and other trade workers. I worked with the safety department to deliver new measures to address possible sources of injury and designed three dimensional layouts to accomodate new building layouts. This internship helped develop my leadership and planning skills.

 During my high school career I worked as a Quality Assurance Intern for the e-commerce website development company known as Brilliance Business Solutions. As a quality assurance intern, I scrutinized every new webpage we created in order to find every possible bug, loophole, and unintentional detail. Additionally, I directly interacted with several customers to learn what desires they had for their website before converting those into actionable instructions for our developers. This internship provided me with powerful communication and conflict resolution skills.


 One extracurricular that I pour alot of my time into is known as Chem-E-Car. It is a annual event where universities compete to see who can get their shoebox-sized car to travel the most accurate distance. However the catch is that this is no robotics competition: The car is a year-long project engineering students develop that must be powered or controlled by chemical reactions. By designing, experimenting, and extensive testing, students are able to create a direct calculatable correlation between the concentration of reactants inserted and the resulting distance the car will go. The club has been enormously fun and is very useful in refining my teamwork capabilities.

 I am part of an honor society known as Omega Chi Epsilon (OXE). This is an honor society made up entirely of chemical engineers that pass the academic and interview requirements. Purdue OXE is the Zeta Chapter of the club and it allows me to do community service and outreach with my fellow chemical engineers. One example of a yearly activity I do through the club is hosting a Chem-E-Kids Day on campus where elementary and middle school aged children from around the county could come to learn about the fun aspects of chemistry and the types of careers chemists and chemical engineers can go into.

 Another of the hobbies I have lots of fun with is my interest in video games, specifically Esports. I've trained continuously with my teammates to develop our intercommunication, strategical planning, and teamwork. I've found most of these skills to actually be widely useful outside of the game and I've enjoyed every moment of it as I work towards earning a varsity spot on the Purdue Overwatch team.

 In addition to the clubs I'm in, I spend my free time doing a couple other interests, one of which is fitness. I enjoy spending time in the gym working to improve my health and counteract the effects of my second interest: baking! I love making all kinds of sweets and have been known to bring them to classmates and coworkers on ocassion (this is not bribery 😉). Lastly, I love animals and foster cats in my apartment from my local cat shelter during school semesters. I've found them to be such a great cuddling animal and I am always happy to give them a place to stay if it helps alleviate the pressure for animal rescues.

This may seem like too obvious of an interest to include on a self-showcasing website but its important to be socially well rounded as well and thus I wanted to mention my hobby of Spending Time with Friends. I often go to with friends to escape rooms to challenge our puzzle-solving skills, ax-throwing ranges for friendly competition, or football games to cheer on my university. Go Boilers!


 I've gotten a couple different awards during high school and into college years, a few of the one I'm most proud of are: